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Rotisserie grilled meals are the best. They are succulent and juicy and a real crowd pleaser.Use the Heavy Duty Rotisserie for Freestyle® Barbecue Grills to produce restaurant quality meals right in your own backyard. The large, heavy duty, stainless steel spit rod with heavy duty motor are ..
Ex Tax:121.14€
Napoleon rotisserie set in heavy-duty execution with a ring of stainless steel for fastening on the PRO22-LEG and PRO22-Cart models Key FeaturesTurn your charcoal kettle into a pizza oven and rotisserie grill This innovative design with detachable door creates evenly cooked and..
Ex Tax:150.41€
Whether you have a compact Rogue® 365, 425, 525 or a large Rogue® 625 Series Model, this Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty, Multi-Piece Rotisserie Kit will fit your needs.Made with food grade stainless steel, the square spit rod features rod extensions to ensure that you can go the distance. T..
Ex Tax:137.40€
Styled for ease of use, the smooth motion of this Rocking Pizza Cutter allows you to perfectly portion pizza for even slices.That's not all it is good at though. You can also use this half-moon-shaped blade to effortlessly chop fresh herbs, meat, flatbreads, cheeses, and other foods as well...
Ex Tax:20.28€
Napoleon's PRO Stainless Steel 2 Piece Toolset is not only functional but also elegant.Featuring two of the most used tools for barbecue grilling, these stainless steel tools are the perfect pair for your barbecue or to give as a gift. The curved handles sit lightly and comfortably in the ha..
Ex Tax:28.41€
Elegant and easy to use Napoleon's PRO Stainless Steel 3 Piece Toolset has everything you need to master your next barbecue.The curved handles sit lightly and comfortably in hand while you grill up a feast. Easily hang your PRO Stainless Steel 3 Piece Toolset with the oversized loops for sto..
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This practical kit includes a round stainless steel shovel, a rectangular aluminum shovel and the brush for cleaning the refractory surface.Everything you need to bake pizza in a very easy way!..
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A professional 4-piece kit for cooking pizza and cleaning the oven. Bake, turn the pizza, move the embers and clean the ashes with high-strength professional tools.Specifications:Professional brush with spatula and adjustable angleTotal length - 105 cm Handle - 95 cm Brush - 5x15..
Ex Tax:286.18€
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