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Everdure Hub II is a superbly designed outdoor cooking solution that brings stylish refinement to an innovatively shaped silhouette. This rotisserie style charcoal barbecue from Everdure is designed by Heston Blumenthal Michelin starred chef’s unique perspective on culinary artistry.Robust..
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Ideal for charcoal enthusiasts, experience charcoal grilling with Napoleon's compact and mobile Charcoal Kettle Grill.This grill can easily follow you to wherever the action is thanks to the sturdy all-weather wheels. Grilling, roasting, and smoking are a breeze, the hinged grids make it eas..
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The Freestyle 365 Propane Gas Barbecue is a compact grill with premium features and unbeatable value.Ignited by the instant JETFIRE ignition system that lights your barbecue with a jet of flame easily, every time. Get the perfect sear over the cast iron porcelainized enamel cooking grids.Thr..
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Napoleon's Prestige PRO 825 with Power Side Burner and Infrared Rear and Bottom Burners proves that two heads are better than one.On the outside, shining stainless steel body provides durability against the elements while chrome details add luxury. Our blue NIGHT LIGHT control knobs featurin..
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Napoleon's TravelQ™ PRO285E Portable Electric Grill is stylish, all-black with a cast aluminum, high-topped lid design lets you take portable grilling to the gourmet level.The windproof design will hold heat in. High heat searing is a snap and you'll know it's a Napoleon with t..
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With its red wheel, the California is one of the most special BBQ's we have ever seen. The grills can be raised with the pulley. You light this Clementi Barbecue in the traditional way, with wood (charcoal can also be used). On the side is a drain for the fat that is collected in a sm..
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Clementi Forno Professionale Clementi Forno Professionale
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The Clementi Forno Professionale wood stove has excellent air circulation allowing you to bake the most delicious pizzas in 2 to 3 minutes. With an impressive interior dimension of 140cm wide by 100cm deep, this unit is crafted using the highest-quality materials, making it a must have for industry..
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The Classic Joe I ceramic charcoal grill is perfect for typical backyard grilling and smoking. Innovation comes standard with each kamado ceramic grill from Kamado Joe. The Classic Joe I has built-in features for hassle-free cooking and an adjustable 45.72 cm cooking surface with the 2-tier Divide ..
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This model is equipped with a lateral support surface that makes it perfect for preparing food. The oven has a cooking chamber of 80×60cm. It can cook up to 4 pizzas at the same time.Cook pizza in 2 minutes Cook up to 4 pizzas at the same time! With Pizza Party you will not have problems..
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The Classic Joe II is the most popular ceramic charcoal grill, perfect for typical backyard grilling and smoking and any new ceramic griller. This ceramic barbecue grill set a new high standard for craftsmanship with built-in features for hassle-free cooking and an adjustable 46 cm cooking surface ..
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The Built-In 500 Series 32-inch Gas Grill is easy to build seamlessly into your ideal outdoor kitchen. The premium stainless construction ensures stylish longevity and unparalleled performance.Thick cooking grids, 7.5 mm of stainless steel, are virtually maintenance-free, providing the iconic WA..
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Create sides and sauces while the main grill is in use with this 10-inch, drop-in, Inline Range Burner, in Propane.Instantly ignite these burners single-handed with the JETFIRE™ Ignition System. The large, ergonomic control knobs are easy to use and control. Made from premium stainless ste..
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