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Breakfast as an emperor and lunch as a king. Our Sophie element table invites you! The table looks robust because of its thick legs and the material teak. Because of this natural light grey color, the table can be combined with many garden chairs.Long lasting Highly weather resistant Easy..
Ex Tax:1,169.92€
Stylish! The Yasmani table consists of an aluminium legset with a recycled teak top. This combination gives the table a robust look. The legset is an H-frame which is not only stylish, but gives the table good stability.Table top material: wood Base material: aluminium Tabl..
Ex Tax:1,097.52€
The stunning 7 Piece Cube set is not only comfortable but is also extremely practical because of its space saving qualities.The set consists of table and 6 chairs but has-seating for up to twelve people when the footstools are used for additional seating, making it suitable for any extended dini..
Ex Tax:1,608.94€
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