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High quality, durable, comfortable and cozy. What more can we say? It's not only design, it's a cozy experience to be used anywhere.Very light, it can be transported easily by anyone, anywhere.Get just one for yourself or get several and make your house the place to be for your frie..
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Available in several colors, it will cause an impact in your space. Full of attitude, it is carried away by the environment where it is placed completing it.Whether you want to take a nap under a shade, relax by the pool or use it as a pool float, the Sleeper is the perfect choice for ..
186.15€ 219.00€
Ex Tax:151.34€
Armchair with one armrest (rh or lh) in fiberglass resin, with padded elements, which can be configured as an initial/final element of a modular seating arrangement from the Komodo collection...
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Fibreglass resin stool for outdoor use, with a minimalist shape, comfortable and slim. Lightweight and easy to maintain...
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Siena Divider Module Siena Divider Module
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Space divider and delimiting panel, designed to respect social distance and protect from cold, wind and polluting agents in outdoor areas.Lacquered and anodized aluminium. Stainless steel hardware. Polyamide with fiberglass connecting pieces.Easy to clean and disinfect. METHACRY..
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Parasol base with wheels for easy positioning.Weighing 10kg and capable of holding upto 100kg of base weights (4 x 25kg) makes this ideal for larger parasols, including cantilever, and windy conditions.Available in black or white finish.Weights not included.Materials: Aluminium...
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Cantilever parasol base on wheels that allows upto 150kg (6 x 25kg) base weights to be added.The design enables larger parasols to be manouvered close to tables, sunloungers and daybeds.By holding upto 150kg this base is ideal for larger parasols and windy conditions.Available in black o..
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