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If you are looking for a bit of warmth on those cool summer nights or those spring and autumn days in your garden we have the solution for you.
We have a wide range of options so that you can fully enjoy your garden space.
We offer you the highest quality products at the best prices so you can make the most of your garden.

Simple and stylish, these functional firebaskets look great in any type of setting. Add logs and gather round to enjoy the warmth whilst entertaining outdoors. With smart linear designs, these firebaskets will catch your customers attention, making them a perfect impulse purchase any time of the y..
Ex Tax:43.50€
Curious and dynamic, rather mischievous, it doesn’t like to stay still: it dives into the sand, among the rocks, hides in its enclosure or rises up to be completed… A perfect combination of simplicity and efficiency. Discolo is a wood-burning outdoor fire pit. Flexibility of use and restraine..
Ex Tax:610.57€
Made from steel and ceramic, ornately decorated with a mosaic design, the Mykonos Firepit looks great in any outdoor space. When in use the tiled lid sits neatly beneath the pit and can be used as a shelf to rest your poker. It also has a chrome plated grill for cooking on, a safety tool and a me..
Ex Tax:138.21€
Bring a mellow aura and radiating warmth to your outdoor leisure time with the atmosphere created by a real wood fire. Our large San Jose model is particularly suited to group gatherings and will allow everyone to gather round and chat long into the night. Alternatively, grill steaks and sausages ..
Ex Tax:58.13€
Make your on-the-go adventure complete with the versatile and portable Camping firepit with barbecue grill. No longer will you feel the chill of the morning whether camping, fishing or at the beach. Heat the coffee, grill the bacon and keep warm, wherever you may be. The handy quick release foldi..
Ex Tax:44.72€
Geometric and contemporary shapes in the style of flowers adorn the Casablanca firebasket making this model a perfect centrepiece for a modern patio. Let the flames light up and highlight the beauty of the simple geometric laser cut pattern. Low set, the heat will radiate out in all directions, pe..
Ex Tax:47.56€
Unique to the contemporary range with its 360 degree view of the fire, our Colorado Mesh is ideal for a group to sit around and relax in the heat of the flames. ​The sliding door allows easy refuelling to keep the fire stoked and burning. Durable heavy gauge steel construction. Black high t..
Ex Tax:106.10€
Ercole is a outdoor wood-burning fire pit. It is born by the union of two raw materials – the steel as a structural element and the concrete which decorates and enhances its design. Not a simple hearth, but a decorative outdoor furnishing, strong and statuesque. A good sized group of people can g..
Ex Tax:5,282.11€
Style and function fall together perfectly with a two piece clay chimenea model. ​Our Geometric model is hand finished in a sea blue with deep red geometric detailing and is well suited to seaside or coastline gardens. Keep warm from the day into the night with this bright, attractive and decorati..
Ex Tax:87.40€
This superb parasol or tripod mounted electric heater is perfect for attaching to under parasols and can also be attached to a transportable tripod for flexibility. When fixed to your parasol, it will discreetly keep everyone toasty from above during alfresco dinners on cooler days or nights or plac..
Ex Tax:109.35€
Small yet great, you can dominate the daring flames that leap upwards, darting and dancing, moving continuously. You can tame them and contain them in your compact shape, a theatre where the natural performance of fire is enacted. Mangiafuoco is a wood-burning outdoor fire pit. Thanks to ..
Ex Tax:1,934.96€
The stylish new ‘Matrix’ chimenea is a new addition to La Hacienda’s already impressive collection. These contemporary and cool steel chimeneas are designed to look at home in any garden, thanks to its minimalistic design. Designed in-house by La Hacienda, the Matrix is available in medium, large ..
Ex Tax:109.35€
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